Sphynx cat breed enjoy their meal and eats everything that are offered to them. The Best Diet for Sphynx Cats is to keep them excited about their meals; an owner of the sphynx cat can allow his or her cat to eat small portions at a regular interval as this keep the sensitive digestive system in good health.

Sphynx are hairless cats because their body metabolism creates the heat for their bodies. An automatic food dispenser is a must with constant food supply so that the sphynx can have his meal whenever he wants to during the day. Experts suggests that if the Sphynx cat is being fed canned food, then the owner should ensure the product being purchased, to keep his cat satisfied with what he eats. Some of the cheaper canned food contains inferior quality meat and sweetener which allows the cat to enjoy his food.

best diet for sphynx cats


Cat owners are advised to check the ingredients list which is written on the can. A sphynx owner has to keep in mind that the best diet for sphynx cats consists of larger portion of the meal include mainly animal protein such as beef chicken and tuna which is written at the top of the list of the can. Canned food always provided with the designated age group. The requirements of a healthy diet for different age groups of a sphynx breed are different for kittens, adult cats and older cats. If an owner decides to change his cat’s diet, he is advised to do so gradually, since a sudden change can affect the Sphynx cat’s sensitive digestive system.

Dry cat food helps in cleaning the teeth and protects the health of the gums. Dry-cat-food requires plenty of fresh water than wet-cat-food. Human food preparations and leftovers can be harmful to the sphynx. It is suggested that Sphynx cat should be served food that are within room temperature. Refrigerated food can cause severe stomach issues because sphynx cats cannot tolerate cold food and cold food affects their digestive system and make them vomit.

best diet for sphynx

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The Bones and Raw Food Diet or BARF is considered one of the best diets for sphynx cats and is recommended by some of the sphynx owners. They have said that feeding their cats with raw food materials have shown improvement in their cats’ overall health and appearance. The BARF diet has proven to be more nutritious than canned food and owners have seen the results after feeding their sphynx according to the BARF diet. Other owners of sphynx have advised that the cats’ diet should consist a little bit of everything. It interests the sphynx in his or her food and provides high nutrition to the cat and keeps the sphynx satisfied.

Expert’s suggestion includes mix up diets for the sphynx consisting of raw meat, kibbles and raw fish like sardine or tuna. If the sphynx is being fed on raw meat, owners should make sure that the meat is devoid of bones to avoid any kind of choking. The response of a sphynx to different kinds of food monitors the reaction the cat has towards the varied diet. After consuming the meal, if the sphynx vomits or suffers from diarrhea, then it shows that the cat is unable to cope with the present diet. A regular visit to the veteran to avoid any kind of issue the sphynx is suffering is essential.

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Sphynx require a more balanced and healthy diet since they have very sensitive digestive system than other breeds of cats. The best diet for this breed of feline is something where the first three ingredients should consist of meat and fish and not rice wheat or other grains. Felines are carnivorous and their body systems are accustomed to digesting meat and not extra fiber. Extra fiber causes diarrhea to the sphynx. Owners can feed their sphynx with wet food, dry food or a mixture of both the food products to ensure a healthy diet for their cats. Sphynx cats can be provided with a little treat, not on a regular basis, but to satisfy their taste buds apart from their daily meals.

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Different aged sphynx require different diet plans. Adult or older cats cannot be satisfied with a diet preparation for the kittens. They require more protein because their bodies adapt to different food when the sphynx gets older. The diet for a sphynx cat requires a little bit of research so that the cat doesn’t suffer from any kind of internal or external issues.