Cats leave dander everywhere they cuddle up. Many owners take this as a matter of pride, but several others are allergic to pet fur. The usual symptoms of dander allergy include coughing, running noses and sore throats. Consider bringing home a hypoallergenic cat breed.

hypoallergenic cat

From the huge experience of breeding cats, experts note that some cats would not initiate allergic responses. Essentially, allergy is a personal and psychological issue, and you can overcome them by avoiding the fear to contact an allergic response. The fear mechanism weakens your immune system and makes you prone to develop a runny nose. Veteran cat owners suggest bringing home the hairless cats for the purpose.

The hairless solution to allergies

With the hairless breeds like the Peterbald, the Sphinx, and the Elf, you do not find dander everywhere. This is an amazing advantage of owning them. Besides, the hairless hypoallergenic cat breeds are exceptionally brilliant as pets.

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Really, the Elf behaves like an Elf, whatever it is. It is immensely therapeutic to have a cat in taking care of your distress. Stroking a cuddled cat, or even talking with it would resolve many of life’s greatest confusions. Therapists and counselors frequently suggest the company of pets to depressed and lonely patients. When trying to choose the right pet for your home, there can be nothing better than bringing home a cat.

cats for people with allergies

A mental issue

Allergy essentially refers to the overreaction of the natural immune system to substances that are otherwise harmless. The problem arises when you begin to fear the harmless as dangerous. The immune system reacts to your stress by exhibiting symptoms of allergies. Besides the dander, the skin flakes and the saliva cause the reaction. It is a mental issue, and you can get rid of it by approaching your pet without the usual apprehension. Once you begin to trust your immune system in encountering the responses, it responds by preventing any kind of allergies. Love and groom your cat to get rid of the insecurity. Millions of people around the world adjust with the cats without any allergy whatsoever.

Best breeds of non-allergic felines

Owners suggest certain breeds as the best examples of non-allergic cats.

non allergic cats

There is no general rule though. You might develop a reaction with all cats if you are expecting it. If you are not, then there are no such reactions. The cat would help you overcome the fear. Just lose in those beautiful green/blue cat eyes (and expressionless faces), and find a furry friend to listen silently to your troubles. The Balinese cats are famous for causing the least allergic responses. Other preferred cat breeds in this category include the Bengal, Burmese, Javanese, and the Russian Blue cats.

hairless cats and allergies

Hairless cats and allergies present diametrically opposite responses. Many owners choose to have the hairless breeds in avoiding the dander. However, they would shed skin flakes just like any other living being would. To ensure you do not develop an allergic symptom from the flakes, ensure you are grooming your cat periodically. Your cat would love it also. However, do not go overboard with bathing because cats hate that absolutely.