Looking after pets is a full-time responsibility. You have to provide the meals in time, and look after the grooming requirements of the pet. You have to give them bath, brush them, and protect them from excess heat or cold.

The cat feeders with timers are amazing innovations in taking care of the food requirements. This frees up a lot of time, and ensures that the cat gets his/her meals right on time.

Ever since Grandfather Pavlov found that animals tune their biological clocks with feeding times, humankind learned the importance of providing timed meals. The timer devices perfect this necessity. There are some very great innovative apparatuses around, and you can choose any one from a suitable online store. Look up the two major brands of automatic feeders enlisted here.

The PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

This timed feeder has two trays, enabling you to set up the meals for the day at once. You time up the meal at the precise hour when the hungry cat would look for food. Cats and dogs especially love the meal times. Cat owners would testify the constant meow nagging of their privileged ones. Well, you do not have to worry about reaching the home in time to provide meals. This device is very helpful for cat owners who have to leave for work in the morning. You just need to set the precise timer and habituate your cat to the procedure.

electronic pet feeder


They are highly intelligent in interpreting instructions. Soon, the cat would get the hang of using the auto feeder. You can actually set the timer in a 48-hour range, thereby taking care of two days at once. Each feeder tray holds 1.5 cups of dry or wet food. The trays are dishwasher safe, and therefore very easy to maintain. 1 AA battery would run the feeder adequately.

Super Feeder CSF-3 Automatic Cat Feeder

If you are looking for a highly innovative gizmo to meet with the intelligence and style of your cat, the SuperFeeder comes very close. Of course, cats are most intelligent, and no machine can ever come near their brilliance.



The black automatic cat feeder with timer looks extremely cool with all its arrangements. You can actually set the digital timer for main meals and snacks effectively.


You can actually attach a webcam with the feeder to monitor and remotely control the feeder. Yes, you can operate the appliance via your phone or computer! Just how cool is that! If it were not the urgency to find a perfect solution for the cats, scientists could not have come to discover this amazing feeder. Really, all thanks go out to the cat community in providing the inspiration to come out with this amazing innovation.



The feeding tray would accommodate several cups of kibbles that you can program up to 8 times a day. It holds up to around 5 cups of food. If you have a big cat who loves to eat, you can increase the capacity of the feeder up to 1.5 gallons. The dishwasher safe removable tray is incredibly easy to maintain. All parts of the feeder are easy to detach and clean. The company would provide replacement to any part in case it damages in any way. The compact device fits in easily under the coffee table, and it looks great wherever you keep it.

automatic cat feeder with timer


You would find surprised guests often inquiring about the product. This offers you an opportunity to introduce your cat to the guests. Cat owners just look for the chances in describing the nuances of the product. It also has an advanced chute opening system. However, you need to be careful in choosing the cat food. Some kibbles may not pass through the chute opening due to their odd shapes. Find the food that fits well, allowing smooth delivery. Otherwise, your curious cat may find the machine disgusting and try to break it open.

Cats do not much care about the design if it does not serve their purpose. If you want a less sophisticated machine, you can always choose the first appliance listed here. Find a suitable online store for the purpose. A good portal would ensure you take proper care of your precious pet.