Cats love pampering. Specifically, they like the subtle art of pampering. You cannot expect to pat your cat whenever you like. They do not look forward to patting always, and you may get a scratch or two trying to impress your cat frequently. Sometimes, they like scratching much more than the pats. They always intend to keep their nails sharp and functional. To achieve this, cats scratch. They scratch themselves also, but it is different from when they try their nails on your furniture. As a side effect to your cat’s personal nail maintenance, you may often find torn cushions and pillows.

If the scratching surface is not soft, you would be finding nail marks on them as a sign of your cat’s love for you. These secondary surfaces usually include cardboards of various sizes and also your shoes and sandals. If they are in their worst moods, you can also expect your cat to try digging its nails on your feet. They just love to hear the shriek you give out when they try your feet. Megalomaniac little furry adorable creatures that they are, they get a very strong sense of power in seeing you shout.

You cannot rebuke him for scratching, as scolding is a high degree of sacrilege for the cat. No cat ever listens to raised voices from the owner with obedience and guilt. They are too high browed for that. Instead of obedience, you can actually expect more guerilla attacks on your furniture. There is only one way out of this. You need to get a special cat scratcher. The scratchers are conveniently available from online stores, so you can easily get one for your home.  The scratchers are of different innovative shapes and attached with the cat’s favorite things like a ball or natural catnip.

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy can be a great choice (click here to see reviews on Amazon):

scratcher for cats


Available in various colors, this round toy has a circular cardboard scratch pad at the center. Surrounding the pad is a circular track with a ball. Therefore, your cat can conveniently try its nails on the scratch pad and play with the peripheral ball at the same time. The scratch pad is replaceable. The toy also has arrangements for catnip spray to attract your cat. Many cats around the world have taken up the lead role in various home videos where they show how pleased (not grateful) they are for this toy. Cats are subtly grateful. They never prefer to show their thankfulness explicitly and immediately. However, if you provide your cat with this toy or any other suitable scratching surface, you can expect your cat to climb on your lap occasionally.



Being of a unique shape, these scratchers can immediately inspire curiosity in the cats. They feel inclined to try these out, and once they like it, you may find the fat cat engaged in a most interesting activity, playing. Most cats are fat and they are not ashamed of that. Of course, there are lean cats also like the Sphynx cats. Cats are always very proud of their appearances. Whether lean or fat, they always love to scratch as a warming up activity before they invade the kitchen. They also love scratching when they get up from naps. To help them scratch, you must make suitable arrangements. You can actually get a special cat scratcher lounge from a suitable online store.

The Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge-Deluxe is a great way to deliver royal treatment for your cat (read reviews about in on Amazon):

cat scratcher lounge


Shaped like the infinity symbol, this lounge is extremely favorable by all cats. They can sleep on the curvy surface of the cat scratcher and at the same time scratch on it all they want. Made of dense corrugated cardboard, this is a long lasting solution to let your cat indulge in its tendencies. Since this lounge is big to accommodate two or three cats at once, it is a good solution for homes with more than one cat. The lounge is also a reversible toy for double benefit. After you cat completely wears away one of the surfaces, you can reverse the lounge to provide a fresh scratching surface.



To encourage your cat to leave your furniture alone, you have to guide it to the scratcher for cats. This can be a difficult task as cats rarely listen to commands. When they listen, it’s because you have some food item in your hands that you are going to share with the cat. Apart from food, there is yet another thing that has an irresistible charm for the cats. Consider using catnip spray for attracting the cats. Many manufacturers offer their scratcher toys with catnip sprays to attract the cat. Many toys also have arrangements for setting up natural catnip. You can consider buying the KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy (read reviews on Amazon):

cat scratcher


The toy would arrive to you with natural North American catnip in it. You can recharge the catnip with a catnip spray. Cats love inclined shapes as these are convenient for scratching.