Did the heat set the bat on fire? If it turns around, it hits, then it hits again.

The blow of the Samsung Lions and KIA Tigers does not seem to cool off. Samsung and KIA are the teams with the hottest hits in the second half. Coincidentally, during the weekday Pohang three-game series, they hit and parked fiercely. Pohang 3 consecutive games scored double digits in every game. A total of 19 points were scored by both teams on the first day of the three-game series, 13 points on the second day, and 20 points on the final day. The winner of the fierce battle series was KIA, who won 2 wins with 11 points – 6 points – 12 points, but Samsung also showed off its firepower by scoring 8 points – 7 points – 8 points during 3 consecutive matches.먹튀검증

Samsung caught the No. 1 team, the LG Twins, two days in a row with a bat. LG was on a 7-game winning streak before meeting Samsung. LG, which has been strengthening its single leading system. LG also has the best batting line in the league, but Samsung’s offensive power was one level higher in this confrontation with Daegu.

At the end of the 8th inning, where Samsung was losing 3-4 on the first day of the 3-game series, Kang Min-ho’s 2 RBIs at the right time in the turnaround final, and Samsung won 5-4, and the next day, after allowing a 3-3 tie, they scored 3 points and took the lead again. I got it back and took the win.

The same goes for KIA. For two days in a row, they defeated the Hanwha Eagles with firepower. Signs that were unusual from Pohang exploded as they vomited up 18 points in two games in a head-to-head match against Hanwha.

The two teams are running 1st and 2nd in team hitting in the second half. As of the 5th, after the start of the second half, Samsung ranked first with a team batting average of 3.36 and KIA ranked second with 3.7. These are the only two teams that have exceeded 30%. The league average is 2.69. If you narrow the range by the team batting average in August, KIA ranks first with 3.61 and Samsung ranks second with 3.6. The batting pace of the two teams is overwhelming enough that the gap is quite large even with the 3rd place NC (0.295).

Hitting is not strange when it cools down, and it cannot be an absolute standard because it rides the overall flow. However, Samsung and KIA’s explosions are causing cracks in the leaderboard. Samsung has found hope in the sluggish exit from the last place. By narrowing the gap with the middle ranks, he eliminated the ride with Kiwoom in 9th place, and was only pushed back in the win rate. It means that the 10th place escape is right in front of your eyes.

KIA is also currently ranked 6th, but ran away by widening the gap with 7th place Lotte to 4 games. Rather, the gap with the 3rd to 5th teams, which were tightly packed without riding, came within range by 1.5 games.

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