The U.S. professional baseball major league national league MVP competition is heating up.

In the case of the American League, Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) dominates the MVP competition.

However, the National League is a bit different. It was narrowed down to two players: Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves) and Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers).스포츠토토

As of now, Acuna Junior is somewhat ahead of the curve. However, Freeman’s pursuit is not easy. Freeman was the 2020 MVP for Atlanta. Coincidentally, Atlanta natives are competing for MVP.

Acuna Junior’s batting average is 0.341 as of the 6th (Korean time). Freeman is 0.337. There is little difference.

In on-base percentage, Acuna Jr. is slightly ahead of Freeman at .414 at .423.

In slugging percentage, Freeman is 0.589, slightly leading Acuna Jr., who is 0.587.

In OPS combined for on-base percentage and slugging percentage, Acuna Jr. is 1.010, slightly ahead of Freeman’s 1.003.

freddy freeman

In the home run category, Acuna Jr. hit 25 and Freeman had 23.

In the RBI sector, the story is different. Acuna Junior has 66 but Freeman has 77. It is analyzed that this is because Acuna Junior is the number one hitter.

In scoring, Acuna Junior scored 98, three more than Freeman.

In doubles, Freeman leads Acuna Jr. with 40 with 27.

Stealing is not contested. Acuna Junior had 52 while Freeman had 15.

In substitution win contribution (bWAR), Acuña Jr. is 5.7, better than Freeman at 5.1.

Acuna Junior is just 0.1 ahead of Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres).

However, given that these records can be overturned in just a few games (excluding some, including stolen bases), it remains to be seen who will be the final winner.

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