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On the 7th (Korean time), ‘ESPN’ pointed out the loose culture within the White Sox club through an interview with Kanan Middleton, a right-handed bullpen who transferred from the Chicago White Sox to the New York Yankees.먹튀검증

Middleton revealed in this interview that the White Sox “had no rules.” He argued that the team atmosphere was messed up because there were no rules or guidelines for the team to follow.

He said, “There have been cases where rookie players slept in the bullpen during games and missed meetings or PFP (Pitcher Defense Training) without permission. The problem is that nothing has been done about these things,” he said of the team atmosphere of his former team.

ESPN cited multiple sources and introduced that there were other people who witnessed Middleton’s claims. The White Sox declined to comment.

Middleton said, “From the time I arrived at spring camp, I heard that this happened last year as well. It happened again this year. I didn’t know how I could change it. There was no one who said, ‘Don’t miss the meeting’ or ‘Don’t fall for PFP’, and even if I did, I just said ‘Okay’ and moved on.”

The White Sox’ manager until last year, Tony La Russa, resigned due to health reasons, and manager Pedro Grifol took over the helm. Ahead of the game on the 8th, they are in 4th place in the American League West with 45 wins and 68 losses.

Advancement to the postseason was virtually eliminated, and the team traded all of Middleton, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lin, Kendall Graveman, Joe Kelly, Reinaldo Lopez, and Jake Berger.

ESPN quoted a source and told the story behind the White Sox team’s team meeting to discuss the sluggishness at the beginning of the season during an expedition to Toronto in April, and that only the pitchers spoke at this meeting.

“The pitchers tried to go in the right direction every day,” Middleton said. I think the rest of the team didn’t do the right thing properly.” The veteran pitchers in the team drew the line that they did nothing wrong.

He cited the fact that veterans such as Lynn and Graveman were not able to attend the camp properly due to their participation in the World Baseball Classic as one of the reasons why the atmosphere of the White Sox team was not properly established.

“If you’re going to create something culture, you need ‘big dogs’. These two players who went to the WBC were the ‘big dogs’ of our team.

He also pointed out that the players who were supposed to step up for the team atmosphere did not play their role, saying, “Some players did not want to speak up when they had to.”

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