Ohtani who is weak, the Angels fall helplessly.

lost again It’s a blowout with no excuses. I was overwhelmed by the opposing ace pitcher. In this state, it seems safe to say that the possibility of fall baseball has almost disappeared.스포츠토토

The Los Angeles Angels of the American Major League suffered a crushing loss to the Texas Rangers. The Angels lost 0-12 in a game against the Texas Rangers held at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas on the 15th (Korean time). Texas’ new ace, Scherzer, was blocked by a fantasy fight and collapsed without ever using his strength. On this day, Scherzer pitched 7 innings, 1 hit, 11 strikeouts, and no runs against the Angels lineup.

That Scherzer threw well meant that Angels Japanese superstar Ohtani was silent. Ohtani was unable to attack Scherzer at all that day and was sluggish with no hits and two strikeouts in three at-bats.

In fact, Scherzer is not the problem. Ohtani has been complaining of severe physical weakness recently. The bat, which worked so well until July, is completely stagnant in August. The day before, against the Houston Astros, he hit the 41st gun of the season for the first time in a long time, but it was very difficult to add 2 cannons after the 39th home run. Recently, the number of strikeouts has increased noticeably. If it was like before, it is clear that the bat is late for the balls that can be made with a regular hit.

The same goes for pitchers. Sensing signs of abnormality in his body, Ohtani decided to take a break from pitching for the time being. It’s not a big injury, but it definitely means there’s a problem.

The Angels did not trade him to capture the heart of Ohtani, who will become a free agent after this season, but rather tried to reinforce their power. He made clear his intention to enter baseball in the fall. However, the aftermath of injuries to key players such as Trout and Rendon was too great. Here, as Ohtani’s pace drops, the team is completely collapsing. In August, they have only 4 wins in 14 matches, including 7 losses in a row. The 50% win rate has already collapsed. It fell to 4th place in the American League West Division. It took 11.5 games against leader Texas, and it became impossible to even show a business card in the wild card race.

Ohtani as an individual has been pushed back in the home run race, and has no choice but to feel uneasy in the MVP competition, which seemed natural. If the Angels fail to make the postseason again this year, even if Ohtani chooses to leave the team, it will be a reality that can’t be said.

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