Professional baseball coach Kim Won-hyung of the SSG Landers is having a hard time recently.

SSG, which had a fierce battle for first place with the LG Twins until the first half, shows a sharp decline due to the deterioration of the stamina of the main players.토토사이트

Recently, they fell into a 5-game losing streak and lost 2nd place to kt wiz and sat down to 3rd place.

It is the first time coach Kim Won-hyung has lost 5 games since taking office in 2021.

In addition, there was a crisis of tying the record for the most consecutive losses in the team under manager Kim.

If SSG loses in a home game against No. 1 LG held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 20th, it will follow the 6th consecutive loss in 2 years after the team’s 6th consecutive loss in 2021.

SSG had 6 consecutive losses with 2 losses, a draw and 4 consecutive losses between the NC Dinos match on August 19, 2021 and the kt wiz match on August 27.

The biggest reason for the fall is the deterioration of the team atmosphere. This is because the key players fell into a slump as a group.

SSG has recently cooled to the point where the team’s batting average is only 0.202 during the last 5 consecutive losses, and the team’s ERA is also not good at 8.80.

In particular, the bullpen ERA soared to 12.15, showing an unstable appearance.

For SSG, it is urgent to raise the team atmosphere and regain the flow.

Director Kim Won-hyung is well aware of this. So he is trying to give players a positive message rather than giving them special orders.

Coach Kim met with reporters ahead of the game against LG on the 20th and said, “I don’t care about (straight losses),” and said, “The current situation is the time to focus on our team rather than the opposing team.”

He continued, “If I change this flow that is not working out, I will be able to rebound again.”

On this day, with the support of its affiliate Chosun Hotel & Resort, SSG held a pre-match special luncheon event to improve the mood.

SSG said, “The hotel’s exclusive chef and staff visited the stadium and prepared a meal for the players with the best ingredients.”

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