“The Dodgers will still pursue Ohtani fiercely.”

Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) suffered a right ulnar ligament injury. The Angels have only announced Ohtani’s ‘pitcher season out’ this season. However, most American media believe that he will undergo Tommy John surgery again in 5 years since 2018.먹튀검증

And rumors come and go about the ransom in the 2023-2024 FA market. Combining the reaction and analysis of the US media, the $600 million+α that was mentioned in the first place was completely overlooked. Still, from the analysis that the hitter’s value alone is over $500 million, there are observations that if you don’t do double swords, you won’t get even $500 million. There is also an analysis that Ohtani will not give up dual wielding after all, and that the team that catches Ohtani will have to create a contract structure.

What is interesting here is that regardless of the ransom, the ‘LA Dodgers trend’ is firm. There is no change in the prospect that Ohtani’s preference for the West Coast will match the needs of the Dodgers, who have been moving to acquire Ohtani for several years.

CBS Sports said on the 25th (Korean time), “Ohtani should be considered finished with the Angels. He was tired of not being on a playoff team and the Angels kept failing. This year was my chance to prove it, but I really didn’t get much help. The Dodgers are easy and obvious favorites.”

CBS Sports predicted that, in addition to the Dodgers, quite a few big market clubs would participate in the Ohtani recruitment match. The New York Yankees and Mets, Chicago Cubs and White Sox included, but Ohtani was considered unlikely. The Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres were expected to be ‘serious bidders’.

“Ohtani was supposed to be the first $500 million player, but this injury could change things,” Dodgers Way said. He was supposed to be getting a lot of money thanks to his dual sword, but his injuries may scare him off offering that much. As long as he’s healthy and ok, the Dodgers will definitely pursue him. They might get him a little cheaper than they thought.”

Ohtani/Getty Images Korea

This means that the general trend of the Dodgers has not changed. In the end, the key question is how much the Dodgers consider the value of Ohtani, who will not be able to play as a pitcher for at least one year next year after undergoing elbow surgery. If the Dodgers still treat Ohtani, there is a high possibility of exceeding $500 million. Of course, in the case of MLB.com on this day, Ohtani also reported that if Ohtani needs to rehabilitate Tommy John, he may want to use the facilities of the familiar Angels club, paradoxically increasing the possibility of staying with the Angels. 

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