Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minassian is controversial for his remarks that shifted responsibility for injury to Shohei Otani (29).먹튀검증

‘MLB.com’ reported on the 27th (Korean time) why Minasian general manager did not undergo an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test before Ohtani suffered an elbow medial collateral ligament (UCL) injury against reporters ahead of the New York Mets game. said to have clarified it.

Ohtani suffered pain in his right elbow while pitching in Game 1 of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on the 24th, and tests revealed a ruptured medial collateral ligament. As a pitcher for the remainder of the season, he could no longer throw the ball, and the possibility of a second Tommy John surgery following October 2018 increased. If he undergoes surgery, he will not be able to pitch as a pitcher for at least a year due to rehabilitation. It is a thunderstorm ahead of FA.

LAA captain refutes the point of negligence in player management “Ohtani and Agent refused to test”

On the 4th against the Seattle Mariners, Ohtani showed symptoms of finger cramps and was forced to throw 59 pitches in 4 innings. After the match against the San Francisco Giants on the 10th, he showed symptoms of fatigue and skipped the rotation once. The ‘abnormal signal’ came out one after another, but the Angels club did not inspect Ohtani’s physical condition, so it was pointed out about negligence in management.

When the arrow of criticism was pointed, the leader Minassian came forward to explain. According to general manager Minassian, the Angels suggested examining Ohtani’s arm after he went down early with finger cramps in the game against Seattle on the 4th. However, Minassian’s explanation is that Ohtani and his agent Nez Valero refused to proceed with the examination.

Director Minassian said, “I offered a test, but Ohtani and his agent refused. I understand you did that. It could be because I just had a cramp in my finger, and I didn’t think it was necessary to do a test,” he said. “The only time I had an MRI was after the injury. At the beginning of this year, I also offered to shoot, but Ohtani and my agent rejected it.”

Angels coach Phil Nevin also said, “When I was a player, when I asked to be tested, I said no. It is because he wanted to keep running,” he said, considering his position as a player. Director Minassian said, “The damaged ligaments this time were different from when I had my first surgery in 2018, and the symptoms were different. So Ohtani would not have thought that there would be a problem with the ligaments.”

Director Minassian continued, “Ohtani and I have been together for three years. I believe the way we did, Ohtani had a very good three seasons. Personally, I have no regrets at all. It’s an unfortunate thing that unavoidably happened. It’s unfortunate for the player himself, the team, and the baseball world, but injuries in baseball can happen.”

Passing the responsibility to the player, the head of the LAA faces a headwind… Chances of Ohtani remaining FA lower

Minassian explained the unfair point in his own way, but he is facing a backlash by exuding a nuance that seems to shift the responsibility for the injury to Ohtani. The possibility of Ohtani remaining is even lower. The prevailing prospect is that Ohtani, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, will move to the championship team, but there are observations that this incident may have effectively ended the relationship with the Angels.

The American ‘The Athletic’ said, ‘If Ohtani and the agent did not know that Minassian would say such a thing, it could be controversial. It would be very surprising if Minassian general manager said this without consulting Ohtani, as he directly transferred responsibility for not being thorough in player management. can Director Minassian said that he had a good relationship with Ohtani and his agent, Valero, but all of these situations have definitely grown into situations that could cause problems.”

Meanwhile, it is not yet known whether Ohtani’s elbow ligaments were completely or partially torn. Currently, Ohtani is receiving a second opinion on the condition of his elbow. “I don’t know how long that process will take, but until then, Ohtani will continue to be included in the lineup,” Minassian said. “Nothing has been updated yet. The decision is up to Ohtani, and he will decide what he wants to do. We will make an announcement at the appropriate time.”

Although the season ended as a pitcher, batter Ohtani’s runaway continues. Since the day he suffered an elbow injury, he has hit in all four of his last games and is batting .455 (5-for-11). He hit all five extra-base hits with three doubles, a home run and one triple. He also succeeded in stealing two bases against the Mets on the 27th. As a hitter, his season record was 128 games with a batting average of .307 (145 hits in 472 bats), 44 homers, 92 RBIs, 100 runs, 19 stolen bases, .412 slugging percentage, .672 OPS, and 1.083 OPS. He ranks first in the American League in home runs, runs scored, triples, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS.

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