It is said that baseball is a pitcher’s game. In particular, it is said that in the KBO league, a minimum score can be achieved even if the foreign one-two punch is properly formed.

The Lotte Giants are the team with the strongest one-two punch in the league as of the second half of the season. Charlie Barnes (28) and Aaron Wilkerson (34), who joined as a replacement for the expelled Dan Straley, are playing well every day in the second half of the season. In particular, the two players achieved the best results while performing a 4-day rest rotation until the recent rainy weather cancellation.

Barnes is part of the best one-two punch in the second half and one of the best pitchers in the league in the second half. In the game against the Doosan Bears held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 3rd, he pitched 7 innings, allowed 93 pitches, 5 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts, and 1 run (non-earned), but became the losing pitcher without receiving help from the batting line or defense.먹튀검증

However, he showed off his ‘unhittable’ side by recording his third quality start plus pitching (more than 7 innings and 3 earned runs or less) in the second half of the season. The average ERA for the 8 games in the second half, including today’s game, was 1.43 (8 earned runs in 50⅓ innings), continuing his salty pitching. The company is raising its status from a slump in the first half to a major turnaround in the second half.

And since Wilkerson joined as a substitute, he has been dominating the KBO league with aggressive pitching. His performance is as good as that of Barnes. He continues his stable pitching with an average ERA of 1.69 (8 earned runs in 42⅓ innings) in 7 games. He joined as a substitute and is recording excellent results.

The combined average ERA of the two players in the second half was 1.55 (16 earned runs in 93 innings). They are all building the foundation for team victory based on their excellent innings ability. In a total of 15 games in the second half, there were 11 quality starts (6 innings or more, 3 earned runs or less) and 5 quality starts plus. There has never been a case where a game was judged before 5 innings. The team recorded 10 wins, 5 losses, and a winning percentage of .667 in the games in which the two players pitched.

Records prove that Lotte is going through the second half of the season with a powerful one-two punch that is dominating the league. With this explanation, Lotte is naturally in the top 5 rankings, and should make a great leap forward at least in the second half of the season. But the reality is different.

Even though Lotte has the best foreign pitchers in the second half of the season, its record is only 13 wins, 20 losses, and a winning percentage of .394. They are ranked 7th in the second half of the season and 7th overall for the season. The current situation is that foreign pitchers’ abilities are not being integrated into the team and are not being maximized.

Excluding these two players, when other starting pitchers appeared, the team recorded a miserable record of 3 wins and 15 losses (a winning percentage of .167). Starting pitchers such as Park Se-woong (4.66 in 7 games, 4.66 in 3 games), Na Kyun-an (5.63 in 3 games), Hyun-hee Han (5.21 in 3 games), and In-bok Lee (6.10 in 3 games) had poor ERAs in the second half of the season and could not support the one-two punch of foreigners. They committed 37 defensive errors and were unable to support the pitching staff at all.

The Doosan game on the 3rd was like a miniature version of Lotte in the second half of the game. Although Barnes pitched well, the defense’s mistakes and the batting line’s silence resulted in a 0-2 loss. Without clearly showing the presence of a foreign one-two punch, it clearly showed why Lotte is still not in the top 5 and is not gaining momentum to catch up.

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