Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo said in response to reporters’ assessment that the starting list for the Daejeon Hana Citizen game was unconventional, it was a decision for the good of the team.

Ulsan, led by Coach Hong, is about to face Daejeon Hana in the 30th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023, scheduled for 7 pm on the 16th at Ulsan Munsu Festival Stadium. Coach Hong made the decision to exclude from the starting list a large number of players who were called up to the national team and returned in this match against Daejeon Hana. This is quite a surprising decision as it is a lineup that has not been seen in Ulsan games before.바카라사이트

In a meeting with reporters before the game, Coach Hong asked, “Why is that so?” in response to the evaluation that the starting lineup was unconventional. When asked whether this list was prepared with the 2023-2024 AFC Champions League match against Pathum Thani United in mind, he answered, “No.”

Coach Hong explained, “It was a decision considering the fatigue of the players who played for the national team, but it was also a decision for the players who stayed with the team and trained hard during the international break.” He continued, “It is not helpful to the team to go out and play as if it were your seat as soon as you return to the team after going out somewhere,” and added, “In the games right after the A-match break, most of the players, with the exception of Jo Hyun-woo, were made to start on the bench. Today’s game is the same.” .

Coach Hong expected the players to do their best. Coach Hong said, “I asked them to show how they play as a team. What the fans want to see is how they play as a team.” He added, “I appointed (Kim) Ji-hyun as the starter and thought about playing as a two-top player with Joo Min-gyu rather than a lone top player. Whether it’s a four-back or three-back. “How much Jo Hyun-taek does is also important,” he said, pointing out the main point.

Regarding Seol Young-woo, who has been missing for a long time due to being selected for the national team, he replied, “I am also worried.” Coach Hong responded, “(Kim) Tae-hwan and Rubikson can play there as well. We have to do this by October 8th.”

Regarding the appointment of Kim Ki-hee and Joo Min-gyu as captain and vice-captain, respectively, ahead of the Daejeon Hana match, it was explained that the decision was made with the AFC Champions League being held in consideration of the Chun-je.

Coach Hong said, “The AFC Champions League season is starting. The season is not ending together like in the past, but it is a new beginning, so we replaced the captain to change the atmosphere.”

Regarding the AFC Champions League, which is being held in the fall season, he said, “It is mainly focusing on Middle Eastern soccer,” and pointed out the Asian soccer landscape, and then added, “Now, players do not have much time to rest. They have no choice but to rest and prepare for 3 to 4 weeks at most. That is why.” “I think we have come across a difficult situation, but I think we need to overcome it wisely for now. I also think there should be more players than there are now. In any case, changing the Chuncheon system is not something we can do anything about,” he replied.

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