K-League 2 leader Busan I’Park succeeded in a meaningful 5th consecutive win.

Busan won 2-0 in the home game against Ansan Greeners in the 32nd round of the ‘2023 Hana One Q K League 2’ held at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 19th.바카라

With this, Busan, who had won 5 games in a row, increased their points to 59 points (17 wins, 8 draws, 5 losses) and continued their lead. In particular, Pajuk’s 5 consecutive wins was the first small feat in the Busan club’s history in 7 years since 2016. K League 2’s 5 consecutive wins is the longest winning streak in 2 years since Kim Cheon Sangmu’s 5 consecutive wins (2 times) in the 2021 season.

It was a match between Busan, who was the sole leader but had a lot to lose, and Ansan, who was in last place (12th) but had nothing to lose. The unexpected trend continued for a while. In an interview before the game, Ansan coach Lim Kwan-sik said, “Rather than trying to take the lead, I will show the tenacity to make it very difficult for the opponent,” emphasizing the ‘passionate challenger.’ Rather than feeling the pressure of the recent 6 consecutive games without a win (2 draws, 4 losses) and no wins since taking office (1 draw, 3 losses), he seemed to have emptied his mind of wins and losses as if he was trying to focus on transplanting the Ansan style that has changed dramatically.

On the other hand, Busan had a lot to gain. In order to avoid chasing second-place Gimcheon, including the club’s longest winning streak, an additional three points were desperately needed. It would be the icing on the cake if Seong Ho-young, who has recently risen in prominence, scores a goal in four consecutive games. Was there a lot of pressure of losing everything if I didn’t win? No, Ansan’s fighting spirit was stronger.

As Coach Lim emphasized from the start of the game, Ansan began to harass Busan with forward pressure, and in the 11th minute of the first half, Jeong Ji-yong hit the left goal post with a thunderous right-footed shot.

Afterwards, Busan, who gathered their strength, gained a high share of the ball and put pressure on Ansan with superior build-up, but could hardly find any loopholes. This is because while Ansan rushed forward without fear, they also quickly maintained their defensive line. It was only in extra time in the first half that Busan truly threatened when Lamas’ strong shot hit the goalpost. At the end of the first half, Ansan was ahead 3-2 in effective shots with the same number of 4 shots, so it was a successful start for Ansan.

However, the resistance of Ansan, which dreamed of an upset, ended here. In the second half, Busan, who chose to substitute Pesin instead of throwing away Seong Ho-young’s consecutive goals, began to show the potential of the leading team. Ansan, whose pressure had slowed down, was calmly driven into a corner.

In the end, in the 13th minute of the second half, Ansan, who had been taking a step back, properly took advantage of the gap in the defense concentrated in the center. Park Se-jin on the right side sent a long cross toward the space on the other side of the penalty area, and Choi Ji-mook, who joined the attack like a stealth fighter, made the home fans cheer with a precise non-stop shot.

Ansan’s Jeong Ji-yong equalized in the 25th minute, but VAR (video review) declared it a “no goal” and the score went to ground. Jeong Ji-yong received another warning after being judged to have struck opposing defender Lim Min-hyuk with his arm in an attempt to escape him in the play just before shooting.

This decision threw the ground into chaos. The Ansan coaching staff, who protested strongly, received a red card, and as soon as the game resumed, players from both teams fiercely fought against Ansan Kim Beom-su’s yellow card foul.

Ansan, who was excited about the unfair decision, had to lose again. Busan took advantage of the opponent’s confusion and scored an additional goal in the 31st minute. When Lamas lifted the ball up as if playing a ‘football’, Peshin, who came on as a substitute, responded with a picturesque scissor kick shot.

Busan, who had already won, found some time by making a large number of player substitutions, while Ansan was satisfied with not giving up until the end.

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