Is Taiwanese baseball a wall that is difficult to overcome even after knowing it? Korean baseball faced the reality of three consecutive losses to Taiwan in international competitions.

The Korean baseball team, led by coach Ryu Joong-il, lost 0-4 to Taiwan in the second game of Group B of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 2nd.먹튀검증

The batting lineup failed to attack Taiwan’s mound consisting of Lin Yumin, Gui Luoyang, and Liu Zhilong. Dong-hee Yoon had 3 hits, Ji-hoon Choi had 2 hits, and after 2 outs in the 8th inning, Noh Si-hwan hit a double directly off the middle fence. As a result, the poor performance until the middle of the previous day’s match against Hong Kong was revealed to be a reality in the ‘real match’ match against Taiwan.

The pitchers also collapsed, allowing hits to Lin An-ke and Lin Zhi-hao, the best hitters in the Taiwanese league, at every critical moment. Among the young players in the KBO League, Moon Dong-ju, whom coach Ryu Joong-il was confident was the ‘best ace’, allowed 2 runs in 4 innings, and top closer Go Woo-seok gave up 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning, putting a wedge in the game.

After the game ended, most of the Korean players left the mixed zone with stern expressions, avoiding the eyes of reporters.

Director Ryu Joong-il also could not hide his mixed feelings. Coach Ryu sighed about the loss, saying, “First of all, I failed to target the opposing pitcher (Lin Yumin). I did a lot of research, and when I actually saw it, the ball was better. The ball was fast and the movement was good.”

Now, Korea must win all remaining games to advance to the finals. In particular, it is a thorny road that must be won until the match against Japan in the super round.

Director Ryu also knows this well. He pledged, “I lost, but it’s not over yet. I will definitely beat Japan and China in the super round to get another chance.”

Regarding Moon Dong-ju, who allowed 2 runs in 4 innings, he said, “The pitch was really good. He was hit by a breaking ball in the 1st inning, giving him the first run, and it was unfortunate that he threw a wild pitch in the 4th inning.” Also, regarding the selection and lineup of players who are mainly left-handed hitters, he said, “There was a difference, but I think I didn’t hit well because the opposing pitcher was strong. There are 24 players in the Asian Games, so there are only 4 backup players. I have to continue with the current members.”

Regarding Go Woo-seok, who suffered an unexpected blow in the 8th episode, he added, “It’s the end for us. We’ve used all the cards we can.”

Has Taiwan become stronger, or has Korea become weaker? Coach Ryu reflected, “It feels very different from Taiwanese baseball a few years ago. The minor leaguers have studied a lot in the United States, and the hitters are not easily fooled by breaking balls. The defense also feels more solid than before.”

Regarding Kim Seong-yoon’s race for first base in the top of the second inning, he could not hide his disappointment, saying, “There is no video review. I have to trust the umpire.”

Are there any regrets about the overall depth of the squad? Coach Ryu said, “I selected mainly young players, and I thought these players were the best right now. There are so many right-handed pitchers and left-handed hitters in the KBO league.”

“There is still a chance. If we play Taiwan again (final), I will win then.”

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