San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong (28) may return to shortstop next year. This is because there was a possibility that Xander Bogaerts (31) would change his position.온라인카지노

The U.S. Sports Illustrated (SI) reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Bogaerts signed a huge free agent contract last off-season and finished his first year in San Diego as a shortstop,” and added, “If the team needs him, he will play shortstop.” “This veteran player may decide to change his infield position next year,” he said.

Bogaerts said, “I am a realistic player. I haven’t thought about whether it is too early (to change positions) yet. I think I can continue to play shortstop, but I am realistic,” and expressed a positive stance on the position change, saying, “I will play corner (1).” “When I start going to third base, I get closer to the bench. However, I don’t want to go to first base too quickly,” he said.

Bogaerts, who debuted in the big league in 2013, is a franchise star who only played in Boston for 10 years until last season. He had no major injuries. While in a Boston uniform, he played 1,264 career games, batting .292, with 156 home runs and 683 RBI, with an OPS of 0.814. He is a top shortstop who has been a Silver Slugger five times and has appeared in the All-Star Game four times.

Bogaerts left Boston and took on a new challenge. He transferred to San Diego in December last year after signing a large 11-year free agent contract worth $280 million (about 380.3 billion won).

But he was disappointed this year. He fell short of expectations with a batting average of 0.285, 19 home runs, 58 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.790 in 155 games. As a shortstop, he appeared in 146 games and played 1,285⅔ innings. He recorded 8 errors.

Of course, the owner of the shortstop position vacated by Bogaerts’ move is Kim Ha-seong.

The media said, “Ha-seong Kim’s versatility is not lacking in defense. He had an outstanding season in both offense and defense. He solidified his position as a key cog in the batting lineup,” and added, “As he showed this year, Ha-seong Kim can play second base, shortstop, and third base. “Considering his abilities, Bogaerts’ new position is worth considering,” he said.

It appears that the infield changes will not only apply to Bogaerts.

“Bogaerts felt that some changes were needed after a disappointing year for the team. These changes will not be limited to Bogaerts alone, but there will be changes to the entire organization in the coming months,” the outlet reported. expected.

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