The ‘Landers Universe’ established by the professional baseball team SSG Landers together with its parent company’s affiliates and the local-based activities that actively approached its hometown of Incheon Metropolitan City led to the achievement of exceeding 1 million spectators for the first time in 3 years since its founding.스포츠토토

Last year, SSG became the first Incheon-based club to record first place in KBO League attendance (981,546 people), and in its 69th home game on the 4th, 8,006 spectators attended, reaching a cumulative attendance of 1,005,662, reaching 1 million spectators for the first time since its founding. . 1 million spectators is a figure that symbolizes success in professional sports, and is a feat that has only been achieved twice (2012 and 2018) in the 40-year history of Incheon professional baseball, a feat achieved just three years after its founding.

First, the attempt to expand the scope of the baseball stadium into an ‘extension of daily life’ rather than a separate space by holding various collaboration events with distribution company affiliates was effective. Through promotion days for affiliates such as Starbucks Day, Day, E-Mart Day, E-Mart Molly’s Day, No Brand Burger Day, and Series Day (SI), we attract customers of affiliate brands to become fans of SSG Landers, and SSG Landers fans become fans of the brand. It induced a virtuous cycle of creating favorable feelings toward people. By sharing the distribution experience of affiliates at the forefront of customer contact, it has established itself as a new event unique to SSG Landers.

The event in which 6,000 customers who signed up for and Shinsegae Universe Club were drawn by drawing and invited to the baseball stadium actually played a role in attracting customers unrelated to Landers as potential fans in the future through the experience. Giveawat, which is considered an example of synergy with its affiliates, is said to have returned a substantial fan benefit by providing a total of 165,000 tickets in this year’s regular season (150,000 items in the 2022 season).

A variety of food items, including cream shrimp, no-brand burgers, Starbucks, and burger trailers, reflecting the needs of fans and recent trends in the stadium were created to attract fans by giving them the image of ‘coming to the baseball stadium to eat!’ To promote these foods, we attempted to attract fans by collaborating with various TV and entertainment programs to expose them, and as a result, interest in the food increased to the extent that there were long lines at every home game, and related sales also increased.

Through various regional activities with Incheon Metropolitan City, the perception that ‘Incheon means Landers and Landers means Incheon’ has increased significantly. SSG has conducted various donation programs for local fans who visit the baseball stadium every season and show their endless love. In addition, it is evaluated that it presented a virtuous cycle model of returning the love received through baseball back to the local community by selecting vulnerable groups and beneficiaries in need in the Incheon region and donating the team’s regular season records or with special meaning.

Representatively, baseball development items were sponsored to the high school baseball team in the Incheon area with donations raised through the proceeds of the 2022 championship fan festival. Athletes and hospitals worked together to support medical expenses for single parents, single mothers, and children from low-income families, and also helped with joint and vision treatment. Dodram Handon provided meal side dishes (‘side dishes of love’) to low-income families in the Incheon area, and E-Mart 24 started donating to the underprivileged in the Incheon area following the SSG pitcher’s strikeout with two outs in the regular season. The Korean Air Jumbos volleyball team, a professional volleyball team that shares the same hometown, also made joint donations to underprivileged children in the Incheon area. In addition, SSG’s eldest brother Choo Shin-soo has engaged in various donation activities, such as the ‘Happy Landing Campaign’, which donates to the bereaved families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty, and low-income single-parent families, and the proceeds from sales of the bottled water product ‘Choo Shin Water’, which is used to fund youth baseball development. .

Efforts to pursue coexistence with the local community by promoting public projects within the baseball stadium in connection with Incheon local autonomous institutions and public institutions and to become more familiar with Incheon citizens by providing events and benefits are also notable. A representative example is the School Day/College Student Day event, which invites elementary, middle, high school, and college students in the Incheon area to the baseball stadium and provides opportunities for healthy leisure activities and various event experiences. In particular, School Day is a traditional program of SSG that has been run for 17 years since 2007, with 9,000 students from about 150 schools participating each time, raising the pride of students in the Incheon area and securing future young fans.

Through the promotion of major public projects by various organizations in the region, social awareness was raised in connection with baseball stadium events on public interest and social issues, and an experience was provided that visitors could directly participate in. For example, raising awareness of the law with the Incheon District Court, promoting faithful tax payment with the Incheon Regional Tax Office, raising awareness of maritime safety with the Incheon Coast Guard, eradicating drug crimes and voice phishing with the Incheon Police Agency, and preventing school violence and sex crimes, and dementia with the Incheon Dementia Prevention Center. It was a form of raising awareness of overcoming. With Michuhol-gu, where the home stadium is located, we discounted admission fees for residents and promoted the hometown love donation system, and with Incheon Metropolitan City, we introduced Incheon attractions, Incheon assistant referee contest, and Incheon landing operation event (war veterans were invited).

Coexistence with the local community drew active administrative support and became the driving force behind SSG’s ability to provide fans with quality performances and baseball viewing experiences. As the entire turf was replaced at Incheon SSG Landers Field, a long-awaited dream of the players, the existing problems of water pooling on the ground and difficulty growing grass only in local areas were resolved. With the complete replacement of the inside and outfield soil and turf for the first time in 22 years since 2002, it is expected that the players will be able to prevent injuries and improve their performance.

From the home stadium to the nearest Munhak Stadium station, streetlight banners using the club’s identity and banners above the skybox entrance were installed. In addition, by operating a little baseball team targeting underprivileged groups such as youth from multicultural/low-income families in Incheon, who have relatively few opportunities for healthy leisure activities, the company aimed to provide children with opportunities for healthy physical activities while also securing future fans.

In this way, SSG succeeded in strengthening Incheon loyalty through regional activities while creating an image as the local’s best friend ‘Landers’, and was able to achieve more than 1 million spectators in a short period of time by winning wire-to-wire in last year’s regular season and dominating the Korean Series.

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