The beginning of the 9th inning has ended. There are no additional points. We have to hold on to 2-0. All attention is focused on the mound. Who will come out in the end? (7th Hangzhou Asian Games baseball, Korea-Taiwan final)스포츠토토

The main character appears calmly. Hair peeks out from under the hat. I think I know who it is. The caster’s introductory comment follows. “Korea’s closing pitcher, Go Woo-seok, will take the mound.” At that moment, the online community comment window goes up at the speed of light. It looks like it might explode at any moment.

‘oh my god. Emergency, emergency.’

‘This is the biggest crisis of this tournament.’

‘LG fans, please evacuate in advance.’

‘I changed the channel to soccer.’

‘I quietly turn off the TV.’

I don’t know the exact reason. However, I am overcome with tremendous anxiety.

just as expected. The final hurdle to reach the gold medal comes. The first batter did well. It was handled with a pop fly by the first baseman. The problem starts after that. The gates of hell begin to open little by little. He received consecutive hits from Lin Li and Lin Anke. We were in danger with 1 out and 1st and 2nd bases.

The comments window is bubbling toward boiling point.

‘It’s strong.’

‘The hit you got was a slider, right?’

‘Woosuk Theater, ㄷㄱㄷㄱㄷㄱㄷㄱ.’

‘Firewood is piling up.’

Taiwan is also in the mood. Take out the pinch hit card of conversion. It’s Wu Nian Ding. The third pitch of destiny. The hit ball rolls towards the second baseman. Kim Hye-seong shows off her amazing footwork. After putting a runner on base, he immediately returns to first base. He sprays the ball to first base with quick, concise form. The 27th out is a perfect double play.

Moon Bo-kyung takes off his gloves and throws them away. All nine people gather at the mound. He even jumps off the bench. Cheers of joy fill the Shaoxing Sports Center.

Many people showed tears. Go Woo-seok is one of them. The camera caught him crying on the podium. His wife captured this scene and posted it on social media. The feelings of the parties involved are also unique.

“I am so grateful to Director Ryu Joong-il for his trust in me. I think it was not an easy decision. I thought of former head coaches Kim Kyung-moon and Lee Kang-cheol, and I thought a lot about the efforts of my seniors in the past. I may not be repaid with today’s results, but I will strive to continue to grow in the future. Gold medals are heavy. “I think it means a lot.”

right. It was not an easy decision to elevate him. The concerns of many fans are not for nothing. The season was also different from before. The same goes for this competition. They also performed poorly in the preliminary round against Taiwan, conceding two goals.

That’s why Park Young-hyun stood out. The game against Japan was especially impressive. He came on the mound in the 8th inning and showed off his brilliant pitching. He showed off a power that he could not hit even if he knew it. As someone said, “It felt like the ball lived three lives.” He left the game in the 9th inning. There is no way to feel good about finishing your warm-up.

Afterwards, Director Ryu leaves meaningful remarks. “Among the current national team bullpens, Park Young-hyun’s pitch is the best. “After looking at the situation, I will decide which of the two (Go Woo-seok) I will use as the finisher.” In fact, it was a remark implying a change in position.

But I had a deep thought. First of all, the game against China provided a turning point for Go Woo-seok. And in the finals, he was given a major responsibility again. It showed unwavering trust.

Director Ryu’s style is distinct. He is well known for the term ‘I will believe it, I will believe it (I will believe it, I will believe it)’. His method of using trust is famous.

This is clearly evident through the Asian Games. The appointment of Moon Dong-ju in the preliminaries and finals was unexpected by experts. There was no disagreement about the position. However, there were concerns about his lack of experience. He was pointed out as a problem even after he failed in the preliminaries (he was a losing pitcher who gave up 2 runs).

But he carried out his own will. He was again selected as a starter in the finals. And he successfully achieved revenge. Thanks to this, Korean baseball gained a new national ace.

Another sore finger was Kang Baek-ho. He suffers from mental problems and is a batsman in a deep slump. He showed no signs of improving even during the competition. The old appearance was nowhere to be found. He consistently made a lethargic swing. He went just 1-for-11 in three qualifying games. It made no sense to leave him in the lineup.

But the belief did not change. The designated hitter position was always his. Eventually, a twist occurs. He rebounded dramatically by hitting a home run against China. Even after that, it wasn’t 100%. Still, he was able to get a glimpse of his earnest desire to be of some help to the team. Thanks to this, his number of supporting fans also increased.

It was a special time for both parties. “I feel like this whole situation right now is a lie. This season was really difficult. It was difficult when I joined the national team, and I thought it was the most difficult time in my life. “Ahead of the finals, I asked my juniors, ‘I’ll take the blame today, so please show more spirit and a better side.’” This is what he expressed while crying right after winning.

The national team coach is no different from the grave. It is also called the poisoned chalice. This is a place where famous leaders sat like thorn cushions. This is especially true for the baseball event at the Asian Games. The commander of the previous competition was called to Yeouido. Even after winning the gold medal, he had to suffer humiliation. It is a difficult position to express one’s beliefs.

Director Ryu has also been the subject of many rumors. The player selection process was not simple for him. More than anything, he left a comment saying that he was disappointed about Lee Eui. A cold gaze is focused. A barrage of criticism rained down. But in the end, I overcame the obstacle.

Of course, it was a gold medal. There is more to be evaluated than that. He is a national team ace who will take responsibility for the next 10 years. It successfully debuted him on the international stage. There is another one. These are the two leading stars of the KBO league, which was teetering at a crossroads. He created an opportunity for a reversal for Go Woo-seok and Kang Baek-ho. He made way for him to open his heart once again.Ryu Joong-il was right.

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