“The electronic display board and the ball overlapped…”

Moon Bo-kyung, who won the gold medal after defeating Taiwan at the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG), returned home through Incheon International Airport on the 8th. Moon Bo-kyung showed outstanding performance in offense and defense in the finals and took the lead in winning his fourth consecutive Asian Games title.안전놀이터

Moon Bo-kyung’s batting sensation ahead of his departure from Hangzhou was ‘peak’. He recorded a batting average of 0.405 (15 hits in 37 at-bats) with 2 home runs and 9 RBIs in 10 games, and showed off his good sense by hitting a hit in an evaluation match with Sangmu Phoenix. However, after the Hangzhou Asian Games schedule began, Moon Bo-kyung was quite different from before his departure.

Bo-Kyung Moon recorded 4 RBIs during the Group B match against Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand, but had only 4 hits. Considering he had two cold game wins, his instincts looked pretty bad. And this trend continued into the Super Round against Japan. Fortunately, however, his batting sense, which had declined at the end of the tournament, was restored.

In the second game of the Super Round against China, Bo-Kyung Moon recorded no hits in 4 at-bats, but in his last at-bat, he hit a double that put a wedge in the game, signaling a revival. And in the finals, he really shined in offense and defense. Moon Bo-kyung hit a double in his first at-bat against Taiwan’s Lin Yu-min, who was tied in the group stage. This soon led to the final score.

In a scoring opportunity with one out and runners on third base created by Moon Bo-kyung’s double, Korea succeeded in taking the lead when Kim Joo-won hit a sacrifice fly that exchanged his out count for a run. And in the 2nd and 3rd base chances created by Kim Hyung-jun and Kim Seong-yoon’s consecutive hits, Lin Yu-min committed a wild pitch, and in this gap, 3rd base runner Kim Hyeong-jun hit home, widening the gap to 2-0.

He did not only shine in attack. Leading 2-0 in the top of the 5th inning, Chinese Taipei’s Lin Zhihao’s hard hit headed toward first base, and although Moon Bo-kyung was not in his main position, he played tight defense and supported starter Moon Dong-ju’s shoulders. It was. As a result, Korea won 2-0 over Taiwan with Moon Bo-kyung’s winning goal and won the gold medal.

Moon Bo-kyung, whom we met at Incheon International Airport on the 8th, was asked “Did you cry” right after winning the championship? He recalled the emotional moment and said, “I almost cried. I didn’t. I was moved to tears.” He said, “It’s my first national team game, but I started playing baseball and am within five fingers.” It was a lifting moment. There were times when the Taegeuk symbol felt heavy, and I had a strong thought that I had to do better than I did in the regular season. “It was good that everyone worked hard to achieve good results,” he said of the victory.

Was there any pressure on Moon Bo-kyung, whose main position is third base, but who has always played first base for the national team? He said, “There was no pressure. When he caught the batted ball, there was no significant difference from third base, only the angle was different. “Our national team players had really good arms, so it was a little difficult at first because the ball flew hard, but I got used to it through training,” he said.

The most disappointing moment in first base defense was missing Kim Joo-won’s throw in the 9th inning against Japan. On the contrary, the happiest moment was when we ended the game with Kim Hye-sung’s throw in the final against Chinese Taipei. At that time, Moon Bo-kyung hugged Kim Joo-won and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ Regarding the scene where he was unable to catch a throw against Japan, Moon Bo-kyung said, “I was able to catch it well enough, but the ball went into my glove and came out. I was really sorry that I was put in a difficult situation.”

Moon Bo-kyung went on to say, “(Park) Hae-min contacted me after he missed the game against Japan and told me to ‘come to my senses'” and about the moment of victory, “I couldn’t see it for a moment because the electronic display board and the ball overlapped. But I still had to catch it somehow. “I thought I would do it. Since there was no video review, I thought I shouldn’t run out first, so I stayed on base until the end. Afterwards, when I saw the outcall, I ran out, and I thought, ‘I really won. I guess I won.'” He smiled. built.

She must have had a hard time because she didn’t have a good hitting feel after the competition started. Moon Bo-kyung said, “(Oh) Ji-hwan said, ‘In times like that, you have to hit more boldly.’ And (Kim) Hye-seong and other members of the national team said, ‘The other ball was also caught because of bad luck.’ “When I thought about it, it wasn’t just that I hit a missed ball. After hearing this story, I became more confident and didn’t get discouraged,” he explained.

While Moon Bo-kyung was away, LG won the regular season championship for the first time in 29 years. The LG players tried to share the joy by hanging the uniforms of Moon Bo-kyung, Jung Woo-young, and Ko Woo-seok, who joined the national team, and even Ham Deok-ju, who left the team due to injury, in the dugout. However, Moon Bo-kyung confessed that he was so focused on his national team that he did not pay attention to the team’s performance.

He smiled brightly, saying, “Honestly, I was so focused on the national team that I didn’t pay attention to the team. I think it will be better to feel it when I return tomorrow (10th).” He smiled brightly, saying, “It’s even better because both the national team and my team won the championship.” On this day, as the interview with Moon Bo-kyung was coming to an end, LG fans who visited Incheon International Airport sang Moon Bo-kyung’s cheering song energetically and congratulated him on winning the Asian Games gold medal, and Moon Bo-kyung left the airport with an embarrassed smile.

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