“It is difficult to imagine receiving less than $50 million.”

Lee Jeong-hoo (25, Kiwoom) is considered a major league free agent outfielder in 2023-2024. Even though this free agent market is focused on starting pitchers, it feels good for Lee Jeong-hoo to be classified at the next level after Cody Bellinger. And it is certain that multiple clubs will compete for Lee Jeong-hoo.온라인바카라

At present, the team most active in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo is the San Francisco Giants. Officials were dispatched to Arizona spring camp every day in February. Visits to Gocheok Dome were routine, and at the end of June, he sent a meaningful greeting to the Gwangju expedition.

Finally, on the 7th, general manager Pete Ptila personally visited the Gocheok Kiwoom-LG match. When Lee Jeong-hoo disappeared at the end of July due to an ankle extensor injury and surgery, San Francisco officials also stopped working, but they were gathering information again when Lee recently joined the team’s training. You might be curious about his physical condition after his injury.

Recently, an article came out that the New York Yankees also had Lee Jung-hoo as a free agent target, but the insider’s specific movements were not known. There is talk that the San Diego Padres are also interested, but there is no actual information. On the other hand, in San Francisco, team officials are constantly moving around.

In other words, at this point, the San Francisco trend surrounding Lee Jung-hoo’s free agent recruitment seems to be an undeniable reality. For Jeong-hoo Lee, western California is a good place to start his major league career. San Francisco is a team that is looking to strengthen its batting lineup on a large scale. This is a team that can give Lee Jeong-hoo a full opportunity.

What I’m curious about is the ransom. From the beginning, there was a prediction that it could exceed Masataka Yoshida’s five-year contract of $90 million, which he signed with the Boston Red Sox a year ago. He is still young at 25 years old and has also received military service benefits. However, ankle surgery is still a big deal. As the performance dropped from last year, the $100 million talk was forgotten.

Sports Illustrated’s San Francisco Fan Nation Giants Baseball Insider reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Lee Jung-hoo fits the type of goal the Giants aimed for under President Farhan Zaidi. “There are concerns about his ability given his limited power production in the hitter-friendly KBO.”

However, Giants Baseball Insider said, “Lee Jung-hoo is a contact hitter with incredible control of the strike zone. San Francisco has struggled in the contact department all season long, and there is a clear need to bolster the outfield this offseason once Michael Conforto’s contract expires (2024-2025 offseason). “Lee Jung-hoo can play many roles.”

The expected ransom was projected cautiously. Giants Baseball Insider said, “If his power production doesn’t translate to the major leagues, he risks being limited to a fourth outfielder role (backup). Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine Lee Jung-hoo receiving less than $50 million.” That means it is over $50 million. This means that the contract terms will be better than Kim Ha-seong’s 4+1 year contract of $39 million at least two years ago.If a contract worth more than $50 million is signed, the club must pay Kiwoom $9.275 million plus 15% of the amount exceeding $5,000 as a posting fee. Even if the $100 million contract is not concluded, Kiwoom is expected to receive more than 12.5 billion won by parting ways with Lee Jung-hoo.

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