Big Bang between super ace Eric Peddie and Kim Gwang-hyun was ultimately canceled.

As expected, SSG Landers will play ace Kim Gwang-hyun in the second game of the semi-playoffs against NC Dinos on the 23rd. They played in the final game against the Doosan Bears on the 17th, and could have appeared in the first game of the semi-playoffs on the 22nd, but due to strategic reasons, they played a day late. If he plays in the second game, he can pitch in the final fifth game on the 28th. If it ends before the 4th game, Kim Gwang-hyun can be sent to the 1st game of the playoffs against KT Wiz on the 30th.짱구카지노

However, the situation was different for NC Dinos. Peddie, who achieved 20 wins and 209 strikeouts at the same time, was not in good condition after suffering a forearm bruise from Go Jong-wook’s hit in the Gwangju KIA Tigers game on the 16th. On the 19th, I played catch in the wild card game against Doosan. And on this day, he threw 19 bullpen pitches.

Pedi’s condition is at 90 percent, but he said he still “feels uneasy.” In the end, Peddie missed the second inning of the semi-playoffs. However, if NC turns around the hope circuit, perhaps the biggest hit scenario of all time could become a reality.

Starting pitcher Shin Min-hyuk of Game 1 corrected the position of his stepping foot and pitched well in 5⅔ innings, allowing 4 hits, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk, and no runs. According to NC officials, Shin Min-hyuk placed his rosin in front of his legs to prevent his upper body from opening before his lower body. The change from the end of the season worked. If Song Myung-ki, the starter for the second game, pitches well, NC may be able to win both the first and second games in Incheon.

Of course, since SSG’s starter in the second game is Kim Gwang-hyun, the weight is absolutely focused on SSG. However, if NC catches this game, they can gain a significant advantage in the 3rd and 4th games in Changwon. Looking at NC’s postseason batting lineup cohesion, there is no way they can’t catch Kim Gwang-hyun.

Crucially, it is also positive in that it gives Peddie enough time to rest without taking over the flow of the series. In the end, for NC, the second game is the most important game in this postseason. Even if Song Myung-ki is not as good as Shin Min-hyuk, it is a fight worth taking as long as he does not collapse in the beginning.And the timing of Peddie’s actual appearance on the mound is still unclear. If NC gives up the second game on the 23rd, it seems likely that he will appear in one of the 3rd and 4th games on the 25th and 26th. It appears that Peddie reflects a lot of his opinions in deciding when to pitch.

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