“You should not be mistaken in thinking that we will do better next year.”

Lotte Giants coach Kim Tae-hyung sent a strong message from the first day of the final camp. In particular, he gave a strong message to the new players who have risen to the starting level this year that they should be more alert and not be complacent. 토토사이트

Following the inauguration ceremony on the 24th, coach Kim Tae-hyung met with the players at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on the 25th. He later changed into his uniform and began directly leading the players’ finishing training. Although the selection of coaching staff has not been finalized, we have moved quickly to identify players. Young pitchers participating in the finishing camp immediately performed bullpen pitching in front of manager Kim Tae-hyung.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung cited the fact that Lotte has many young and promising players as its strength. However, on the contrary, he simultaneously sent a message that one should not be complacent with the current situation. Coach Kim Tae-hyung was known as a ‘championship contractor’ and was also skilled at unlocking the potential of young players. Along with coach Kim Tae-hyung, Min Byung-hun, Kim Jae-hwan, Oh Jae-il, Jeong Soo-bin, and Park Geon-woo began to show off their skills in earnest. When I saw a sign of weakness, I gave it a chance and watched how it behaved and how it played. If it crossed the line, I strongly tamed it.

Lotte has established itself in the first team this year with new fielders such as Kim Min-seok, Yoon Dong-hee, and Son Seong-bin standing out. As they received love from many fans, they were called ‘Sajik Idols.’ Rookie Kim Min-seok and sophomore Yoon Dong-hee occupied two outfield positions during the full-time season. The fact that they did not miss the opportunity presented by injuries and sluggishness of existing players clearly shows that they have skills and potential. 

Kim Min-seok, a high school batting genius called ‘Little Lee Jeong-hoo’, changed his position from infielder to outfielder this year and quickly adapted to become the starting center fielder. In 129 games, he batted .200, 5-for-5 (102-for-400), 3 home runs, 39 RBI, 53 runs, 16 stolen bases, and a .652 OPS. He achieved 100 hits as a Lotte High School rookie, something even Lee Dae-ho had not achieved. It was Lotte’s first. 

Second-year Dong-hee Yoon was bombarding the second team, but due to injuries to existing players, he was given the opportunity to join the first team and did not miss this opportunity. In 107 games, he had a batting average of .287 (111 hits in 387 at-bats), 2 home runs, 41 RBIs, 45 runs, and an OPS of .687. While the league as a whole is experiencing a shortage of right-handed outfielders, as one of the few right-handed outfield prospects, he was dramatically selected to join the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games and won a gold medal by hitting hard. As he was able to receive special military service, his career path opened up.

However, he again emphasized that these ‘Sajik Idol’ players should not be complacent and should work harder. Coach Kim Tae-hyung said, “You have to be stronger than your opponent to play aggressively. He will have to make a lot of effort on his own. At the same time, you have to feel it a lot with your body. I need to try it and feel what my body’s limits are. There aren’t many players like that. “You must not think with your head, but feel with your body and skin,” he emphasized.

He also pointed out young players, saying, “These are players who have just started playing in the first team and are starting to become known. What I want to ask you to do is just think that next year you will be able to do better than you are now. I have been saying this since I was at Doosan, but it is a complete illusion to think that we will do better next year than this year. “You should never think like that,” he emphasized. 

He continued, “You have to prepare really well. You don’t build your body through weight training in the winter. Such players need to build their bodies through baseball. “Then you have to prepare really well,” he said. “Veterans like Jeon Jun-woo and Ahn Chi-hong build their bodies through weight training during the winter, but it makes no sense for young players to build their bodies through weight training. You need to prepare your body for baseball, including throwing and hitting. “I would like to advise this to the rookie players,” he said once again. It was a strong message that we should not be satisfied with the full-time season and become complacent, but should improve and work harder. 

These young players, known as ‘Sajik Idols’, have been criticized both inside and outside the club for inappropriate behavior during a period when their performance was dropping at the end of the regular season. Director Kim Tae-hyung also cannot be unaware of this. Coach Kim Tae-hyung’s warning will make the ‘Sajik Idol’ players nervous. However, if you overcome these stressful times and prove yourself with your grades, coach Kim Tae-hyung will give you infinite opportunities and love. 

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