Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker announced his retirement. 

MLB.com, the official major league media, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Coach Baker, who won the 2022 World Series, looked back on his four years in Houston and talked about the next chapter of his baseball life. At 74 years old, Baker feels he has more to contribute to baseball and society. However, Coach Baker, who spent over 50 years in the major leagues, is done wearing a major league uniform,” he said, announcing Manager Baker’s retirement. 토토사이트

Coach Baker, who began his coaching career as a base running coach in San Francisco in 1988, began his coaching career when he was appointed as the San Francisco manager in 1993. Coach Baker, who served as San Francisco manager until 2002, later served as manager of the Cubs (2003-2006), Cincinnati (2008-2013), and Washington (2016-2017). 

After completing his tenure as manager in Washington, Manager Baker once announced his retirement, but returned to the scene as Houston manager in 2020 in order to resolve the chaos in Houston, which was in trouble after it was revealed that he had committed cheating during the 2017 World Series victory. With Houston, Coach Baker reached the World Series twice and won his first World Series title last year. This year, they succeeded in advancing to the American League Championship Series for the 7th consecutive year, but lost 3 wins and 4 losses in a close game to Texas in the 7th game, and failed to advance to the World Series for the 3rd consecutive year. 

MLB.com said, “Coach Baker announced his retirement at Minute Maid Park. “He said he would like to remain in the field, but he would like to return home to California and spend time with his grandchildren and family.” 

Coach Baker said, “It’s probably the fastest four years of my life. Time flies when we win. This team was winning when I got here, and they were winning while I was there. And I hope Houston does well in the future,” he said, cheering for Houston. 

Manager Baker, who won 2,183 major league games, ranked 7th for most wins among major league managers. He won district championships with five teams, won the league championship with San Francisco in 2002, and reached the World Series in 2021 and 2022 with Houston, experiencing wins in both major leagues. 

Coach Baker said, “I hope Houston is a better team now than when I arrived. “And I am grateful to owner Jim Crane for believing in me.” He continued, “First I will go home and talk to my daughter who thinks she is my mother. I also plan to spend time with my grandchildren and see where the Lord leads my life. I feel like I haven’t done everything I need to do in life yet. “I feel like something great is left in my life,” he said of his feelings about leaving the major league field.

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