“Now I’m sure I can even run.”

Three weeks of rest was a sure thing. KT Wiz’s fourth hitter Park Byung-ho will enter the first game of the playoffs with 100% health. The warm-up ended with a home run.스포츠토토

Park Byung-ho is one of KT’s players with the most postseason experience. He started playing fall baseball with the Heroes in 2013 and appeared in a total of 50 games until last year at KT. He experienced every postseason from before the wild card decision to the Korean Series, and appeared in a total of 50 games, batting .206 with 4 ERA, 49 hits, 12 home runs and 29 RBI.

Due to a calf injury, he had difficulty playing in the second half of this season. He only appeared as a pinch hitter, and it was especially difficult for Park Byeong-ho, who played as a designated hitter, to play. But he definitely completed his treatment during the three-week break after the season ended.

Park Byeong-ho confidently said, “Now I can run the bases with certainty. My physical condition is 100%.”

3 weeks of rest. Park Byeong-ho and KT are determined to clearly show NC their strengths. A three-week break in the postseason is a ‘privilege’ given to teams that advance directly to the Korean Series. This is the first time that Park Byung-ho has no experience winning in the regular season. Since KT’s season started a week earlier than other teams, this is a 3-week break that they got specially for this season. Park Byeong-ho said, “Actually, this is the first time I’ve had this much rest. There must be pros and cons to having a lot of rest. The thing that always makes me anxious while resting a lot is my sense of the game. This is something that all teams who are waiting for have,” he said. “Rather, the advantage is that the players can recover physically. “It was a great time. I think there were more advantages that way.”

Of course, we can’t help but be wary of the NC Dinos, who won four straight games in the wild card game and semi-playoffs. Park Byeong-ho said, “NC’s pitchers and batters were all in good condition. They showed performance that could make the waiting teams feel nervous,” and “NC will come to the game after getting enough rest, but we have also been preparing steadily. The game is not far away.” “That’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about,” he said, showing confidence.

In the last Blue and White match before the first round of the playoffs on the 26th, Park Byung-ho fired a left-handed solo shot against Eom Sang-baek, who returned from injury. It’s okay for him to just get used to the fast ball before the game, but he even hit a home run, so it can be seen that he’s definitely prepared.

Park Byeong-ho joked, “Sangbaek has been good at hitting the ball for a long time,” and added, “Even though he is a pitcher on the same team, I thought it was a real game and tried to get the timing right. It’s just a part of the process of getting to the playoffs. Just because he hit a home run doesn’t mean he’s 100%. “I don’t think it’s all there,” he said, adding that he didn’t think much of the home run.

NC’s starting pitcher in Game 1 is Eric Peddy, who is considered the best pitcher of the season and has won three pitching awards. However, Park Byung-ho does not seem to be very afraid of pedis. Park Byeong-ho said, “Our team played 3 games with Peddie, but I had an injury this year, so I think I only played about 1 game with Peddie, so I don’t remember much.” He added, “In fact, we need to analyze not only Peddie, but all NC pitchers in the playoffs. “Because we have to win three games,” he said, emphasizing that we are not playing against Peddie but against NC. Park Byung-ho recorded 1 hit and 2 strikeouts in 3 at-bats this season.

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