Hangzhou Jin’s leading role is ‘pissed’, he has already volunteered for 4 boxes of batting training… “I will clearly show that this position is mine.”

Dong-hee Yoon (20), one of the Lotte Giants’ biggest hits this season. In the ‘Lotte’, which is starting anew, he also welcomes the 2024 season with new determination.짱구카지노 Dong-hee Yoon recently met with Star News at Sangdong Baseball Stadium in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, where Lotte’s finishing training is being held, and said, “I make sure that ‘this […]

KBO League interest resource, FA from STL… Ranked 1st in Triple A ERA

Right-handed pitcher Casey Lawrence (36), who was a source of interest in the KBO League, was released as a free agent.스포츠토토 The U.S. Sports Illustrated reported on the 28th (Korean time) that the St. Louis Cardinals reduced the 40-man roster to 35, and in the process, Lawrence gained free agency status and could sign with […]

Bauer, a former Cy Young Award winner, returns to the major leagues in Japan?

There is a prediction that Trevor Bauer (32) is highly likely to return to the U.S. stage thanks to his performance in his debut season in Japanese professional baseball.토스카지노 Japanese news media ‘J Cast’ reported on October 24, “Earlier this month, we reconciled and reached a legal agreement with the woman involved in the sexual […]

“You always patted me and patted me on the back…” KIA’s big pitcher feels deep disappointment over the non-renewal of the contract of his former ML coach

On the mound, he patted our heads the most, patted our butts the most, and guided us well like a baseball senior or older brother…” 짱구카지노 Pitcher Yang Hyun-jong (KIA), who has 168 career wins, expressed his gratitude toward pitching coach Seo Jae-eung, who was notified that his contract could not be renewed.  KIA, which finished […]

Japan: “Lee Jeong-hoo is looking for a major league team with a lot of patience”

Even neighboring countries are interested in which American professional baseball team Lee Jeong-hoo (25) will sign with.도메인 On October 21, Japanese baseball media outlet ‘Full Count’ quoted an ‘official familiar with the KBO League’ and said, “Lee Jung-hoo wants to join a major league team that will appoint him as a starting pitcher and watch […]

NC’s ace with the most wins, who was the winner of the combined championship… The fighting spirit’s throw to first base contained the earnest desire for fall baseball.

Change-up master Lee Jae-hak (33), the pitcher with the most wins (81 wins) for the NC Dinos and a founding contributor. 도메인 After transferring from Doosan to NC through the second draft held in 2011, he laid the foundation for the pitching staff. Since 2013, he has been the homegrown ace, earning double-digit wins for four consecutive […]