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hairless sphynx cat

What to Consider When Buying a Hairless Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat is centuries old and is one hell of a majestic looking cat. It comes in many different breeds of which the Canadian is a c...
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best diet for sphynx cats

Best Diet For Sphynx Cats

Sphynx cat breed enjoy their meal and eats everything that are offered to them. The Best Diet for Sphynx Cats is to keep them excited abo...
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black sphynx

Learn More About Black Sphynx Cat

Black sphynx cat came to the United States back in the sixties from Europe and has become one of the most famous beloved cats of many peo...
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baby hairless cats

Tips For Taking Care Of Baby Hairless Cats

You are thinking of taking a baby hairless cats as a pet, then you must know that taking care of that cat would need more effort and dedi...
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mexican hairless cat

Cute Mexican Hairless Cats

The Mexican hairless cat, also known as Sphynx cat was the very first properly recorded hairless cat breed. It is an uncommon breed of ca...
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egyptian hairless cat

Learn More About Egyptian Hairless Cats

'Dogs have owners while cats have personnel,' goes a well-known stating. Ancient Egyptian royalty thought about cats as a holy true bless...
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how to name a hairless cat

Ideas To Pick Best Names For Sphynx Cats

When you plan to bring a new pet companion home, there are plenty of expectations you have. It is exciting to welcome a new member in the...
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canadian sphynx

Consider Few Points While Buying Canadian Sphynx

Hairless cats are the latest center of attraction for all those, who wish to have an exclusive pet at their home. The canadian hairless c...
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how much food to feed a sphynx

Know The Secrets Of How Much Food To Feed A Sphynx

Every pet lover wants his/her pet to be happy and healthy. Health mainly depends upon the diet and nutrition that you offer to your pet. ...
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blue sphynx

Awesome Facts To Explore About Blue Sphynx

The blue sphynx species of cats is really popular amongst pet lovers. Everyone, who wishes to bring home a unique animal as an adorable f...
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