Even if you are a lifelong cat owner, you might feel a little apprehension about the sphinx cat in the beginning. Understandably, the hairlessness makes it look very alien and un-animal. The usual conviction is, humans have bare skin, and animals have furry skin. So when a furless one comes along, some amount of belief shock is very natural. However, the sphynx knows its similarity with a human, although being a cat. It is also conscious of its high uniqueness from other cats. It utilizes its high intelligence to immediately establish a friendly connect with you. This mysterious intelligence is a prominent aspect of the sphynx cat personality.

sphynx cat personality

Once you overcome your culture shock about its appearance and prefer to pat it on head, you would feel a soft, warm skin feeling like chamois. You would find it little surprising in the beginning, but the high intelligence of the little being would soon engage you. At such moments, it is difficult to say who is playing with whom. Any casual observer may note that your sphynx is playing with you instead of it being the other way. Cat’s like intelligent involvement and they can actually inspire the same from their owners. It is a highly energetic animal, and you can look forward to have a very active roommate.

cute hairless cat

Most cats like to snooze a lot. The sphynx, however, prefer to be much active. Most surprisingly, the sphynx also craves owner attention like a dog! With its bare skin and big ears they also appear somewhat like a dog. Even orthodox dog people, who can be very much cat-averse, would appreciate the sphynx. This cat is everything that a pet owner could ask for. It would continue to surprise you with different activities.

You can often notice the cat using its front paws like hands to eat food and comfort you when you are feeling down. They are very good and protective about children and they can keep them happy by performing different funny antics. Rolling, galumphing, crawling, creeping, jumping and vigorous playful kicking are some of the myriad of activities you notice of a sphynx.

Their intelligence would continue to surprise you in the beginning until you realize that it is so natural of the sphynx. They depend on strong instinct to understand what is going on in your mind regardless of the appearance you put up. If you are feeling uneasy or unhappy, the sphynx would try to understand the situation and do what is best in that situation.  They are wonderful companions as they never force their presence unless the situation demands so.

sphynx cat playing

If you just want to sit silently and reflect, your cat would not disturb you. Instead, as if to tell you that everything is going to be okay, they would silently sit by you, or maybe sit on your lap if you want them to. They are very lovable and great companions. They are not jealous about other pets. In fact, they would love the presence of the other cat or dog at the house. These wonderful traits of sphynx cat personality make them wonderful beings to know and take care of.