Most cats do not like to wear clothes. They have this feeling that the furry coat is sufficient. So, they usually dislike wearing anything over the natural coat. Besides, the cloth prevents them from their favorite pastime, tongue-washing. This is the usual tendency of furry cats, although there are exceptions. When the climate is very cold, the cat may actually appreciate wearing a cloth. However, during summer, furry cats feel very uncomfortable in clothes. It can become too hot for them. They might try to take the clothes off, and when it is not possible, they may feel particularly irritated. However, for the very special breed of cats called Sphynx cats, the entire scenario is different!

sphynx cat clothes

There are furry cats and there are the furless Sphynx cats. Being without fur, they have special requirements. Excess sun exposure can actually cause skin burns on them. During winter, they can fall ill because they do not have the natural coat to give them warmth. You would need Sphynx cat clothes for every season. They look weirdly smart and cool. You would sure receive increased appreciation from your Sphynx. Sphynx-owners confirm that the cats stay healthier and more comfortable in their clothes than usual. You can conveniently purchase the cat clothes online. The large Cat Thundershirt from can be a good option, soft and comfortable:

sphynx clothes


Your sphinx would definitely appreciate this shirt fondly.

Sphynx clothes are must! They do not have fur and that makes them highly sensitive to the heat and cold. You may notice a Sphinx enjoying the warmth of the sun, but you would never find the cat lounging in warmth for long. With the trendy clothes providing comfort, the cat can actually enjoy the feeling of wearing a natural coat. Besides, the absence of furs does not mean that their skins do not secrete oils.  This oil attracts dust, making the cat feel uneasy. The dust blocks the pores of its skin, making it dirty and uncomfortable at the same time. You can easily find a solution to this problem, making life easy for your cat. The special cat clothes do not let the dust to settle on the bare skin, thereby helping it to stay clean and happy. The Thundershirt for cats from can be a good choice:



The sphynx are very companionable to their owners. They would not resist wearing the clothes. In fact, owing to their unique human-like traits, they may actually begin to like wearing clothes. Your cat might develop its personal choice about clothes depending on color and fitting. Whenever you are buying clothes for your sphynx, remember to buy stretchable clothes. These cats are always very active, perhaps because they need to keep their furless bodies warm.



The clothes should not be inhibiting their natural movements. However, by stretchable, it does not mean that the cloth has to be tight and body hugging. Buy breathable clothes that would keep the cat comfortable. Your cat would like the feeling of wearing clothes and show its appreciation in different ways. Sphynx are very much dog-like in interaction. When they are happy, they show it by their tail movement.

clothes for a sphynx cat
Special Sphynx cat clothing is easily available online. There are clothes for the summer and winter. They look exceedingly smart and cool in these clothes. Consider choosing a suitable cloth for your precious pet. You can pick the color and feeling of the cloth. You can conveniently help your Sphynx to get into the cloth. These have zipper systems for easy fitting. All you have to do is to slip the front paws of your cat through the armholes of the cloth, and you are ready. Most importantly, your cat is ready.



Winter can be especially tough on the cat. Since it does not have the means to conserve body heat (through furs), it easily catches cold. Cat-cold is not good news for the pet and neither for you. It might be sneezing frequently, spreading germs everywhere. It would feel ill and may cease to be much active. You need to take preventive measures to stop this from happening. Consider buying a Cat Winter Fuzzy Sweater from Amazon:

cat sweater


The softness of the sweater is greatly comfortable for your pet. You may even find your cat to resist your efforts to take off the sweater for washing.



The clothes for a Sphynx cat are not expensive either. You can get them easily. However, there are certain key aspects to consider. Make sure that the cloth is breathable and stretchable. The stretch ability is very crucial because cats are agile beings. They would not appreciate it when the cloth restricts their movement. In addition, you must remember to give your Sphynx a bath at least once in two weeks. Keep the clothes clean also. A dirty cloth is very uncomfortable for the cat, as it cannot get rid of a suffocating feeling.