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types of hairless cats

Understanding the Uniqueness of Hairless Cat Breeds in Choosing Your Pet

Cats rule the internet. You cannot avoid meeting up them fur-babies at every corner of the net. With hilariously misspelled quotes, cats offer th...
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hairless cat breed

The Sphynx Cat Breed Is A Hairless Wonder

If you are looking for hairless cat breeds, there are several. The Sphynx is the most well-known of hairless cats. Other breeds include the Peter...
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mexican hairless cat

Cute Mexican Hairless Cats

The Mexican hairless cat, also known as Sphynx cat was the very first properly recorded hairless cat breed. It is an uncommon breed of cat renown...
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egyptian hairless cat

Learn More About Egyptian Hairless Cats

'Dogs have owners while cats have personnel,' goes a well-known stating. Ancient Egyptian royalty thought about cats as a holy true blessing, whi...
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canadian sphynx

Consider Few Points While Buying Canadian Sphynx

Hairless cats are the latest center of attraction for all those, who wish to have an exclusive pet at their home. The canadian hairless cat breed...
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blue sphynx

Awesome Facts To Explore About Blue Sphynx

The blue sphynx species of cats is really popular amongst pet lovers. Everyone, who wishes to bring home a unique animal as an adorable family me...
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