Cat owners all over the world are aware of their pet’s fascination to perch and climb. Probably deriving from the extreme superiority complex, the cat seldom chooses a low place when he/she can afford a high perch. So, you find them atop virtually everywhere. The cats lounge on tops of TVs, refrigerators, cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, gaming consoles, and virtually anywhere they prefer. The stories of rescuing stranded cats on high tree branches are almost in the level of myths.

Owners note that cats probably experiment with different surfaces in collecting the feelings as some kind of a hobby. Cats love to lounge on new surfaces. They like the sofa, different types of clothes, the bed, the leather shoes, and even the quintessential bubble wraps. It is among your solemn responsibilities as the cat owner to provide the ultimate perching and climbing experiences. The cats deserve the ultimate special treatments. Look up the cat tree houses available from various manufacturers. These are just amazing installations to make your pet feel special in a personal Kingdom or Queendom.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

 At around 70 inch height, the cat tree is extremely useful to engage even the most reluctant pet. You should arrange for such facilities especially when your cat likes nothing else than eating and sleeping. That fellow would need some exercises. Otherwise, they grow in breadth disproportionately. Most cats are not so health conscious to consider the weight gain as a threat. Although they are cool about it, yet it does not mean that you should neglect the health of your cat. Obesity can cause the same problems in cats just as in humans (both are mammals).

cat tree houses

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The Armarkat tree has all the necessary arrangements to please your fur-baby. It has scratching, climbing and sleeping arrangements to attend to the pleasures of his/her felinity. It is extremely easy to assemble, and you would find all cats loving this special system. It also provides some great photo-op opportunities to click your cat in different positions. Cat owners absolutely love clicking their pets and uploading the photos on the internet. Well, the best cat trees provide sufficient opportunities for the purpose.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This home cat tree is more elaborate than the previous product, thereby offering top privileges for the cat to explore. The beige tree actually has three perching spaces, and so it is extremely useful when you house a trio of cats at your home. You must make sure that none of the cats are feeling neglected in your attention. They are very sensitive to neglect, and unlike dogs, they do not sulk.

popular cat tree

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A cat’s way of showing resentment is to engage in some or other type of spoiler activity. Usually, irate cats resort to leaving their potties in places where they should not do it. Now, you have no option but to clean the cat poop, much to the pleasure of the little superior being. Avoid all these complex interactions by installing the cat tree. The tree also has two tree houses, sufficiently wide to accommodate even the fattest ones. After you set up the arrangement and introduce your cat for the purpose it might be difficult later on to take it off it. Many owners report that their cats like to have their food while perching on the tree. The cat trees also offer ample exercising opportunities to the idle cats.

Another Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

It is quite pleasant to note that a company is developing such great products for cats. Armarkat offers another great cat tree for households with only one cat. There is a singular sleeping place in it. So, if you have multiple cats, there might be a conflict of occupation. There are two perching spaces at different elevations, thereby providing the much needed options for the cats to please their superiority complex. Impressing a cat is probably among the most difficult tasks of the world, and the trees come very close to it. Look up the different options, and mentally consult your cat before choosing any.

best cat trees

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Find a suitable online store hosting the in-house tree houses. Check the above products in choosing the right one. Ensure that the service provides the trees that are easy to assemble. You should be able to pack the tree when you do not need it, but such occasions rarely happen. Once the cat habituates with the tree, it would express deep resentment if you were removing it. If you do not want to encounter those purring complaints pouring in, leave the tree in place. In fact, as an obsessed cat owner, you should place two trees in different corners of your house.

This provides great options to the cat to be wherever they want to be. It also establishes a strong bond of friendship with the feline.