If you are looking for hairless cat breeds, there are several. The Sphynx is the most well-known of hairless cats. Other breeds include the Peterbald, the Donskoy, the Bambino, the Ukrainian Levkoy and the Elf Cat. These cat breeds look very weird and even veteran cat owners might find their appearance a little shocking at the introduction. Cats are usually very intelligent animals. The hairless cats display typically more intelligence than the general furry cats. In fact, cats like Sphynx may actually behave in a dog like manner as it craves attention from the owner. It also surprisingly shows some very human like traits, especially in their dexterity in using their paws frequently as their hands. It must not surprise you to see your cat holding the newspaper in both hands and reading it in the morning (Just Kidding!).

hairless cat breeds

The Sphynx is a hairless wonder who can receive the first prize in companionship any day. In fact, furry cats can learn a thing or two about companionship from them. If you have one of the later kinds at home, you can consider bringing home a Sphynx. They are very friendly with other pets and they can soon establish a friendly connect with your reluctant furball. You may soon notice the two to have become great pets. This applies, even when you have a cat-friendly dog at home. Not all dogs are friendly to cats, so you must take care of this aspect before bringing home the cat. Besides, the cat would not be jealous of the dog, but the dog might as well be. However, many pet owners successfully have both dogs and cats at their homes.

hairless cat breed

The Sphynx cat breed would require more maintenance than the usual cat breeds. Since it does not have the protective coat of fur, it is prone to suffer from sunburns and colds. Their skins also secrete oil that attaches the dust. Hence, the cat can become dirty very fast. Since all this dust settles directly on the skin, they can cause skin infections. Therefore, you need to take special care of the cat. Give it a gentle wash in lukewarm water during cold and cold water in summer. Your cat would appreciate the efforts you are taking for its grooming. To protect the cats from sunburns, dust, and cold, you can actually buy great cat clothes online. These clothes are easy to slip onto the cats. They are very useful for taking care of a hairless cat breed.

sphynx cat breed

Another problem is the accumulation of wax in its ears. Since there are no hairs inside the ear, the dirt accumulates inside it. To prevent this, you have to take a moist piece of cotton and gently clean the ears of the cat. Moisten the cotton with commercial ear cleaners. The hairless cats are also usually good eaters because their bodies need the high metabolism of the foods to keep them warm. They are usually not fussy eaters, but the eating habits vary from one cat to another. The hairless cats, especially the Sphynx, are great companions. They are highly instinctive in understanding what is going on in your mind. They are also very safe and playful around children.