Cats rule the internet. You cannot avoid meeting up them fur-babies at every corner of the net. With hilariously misspelled quotes, cats offer their expressions to humans so that people could devise clever messages to go with them.

hairless cat breeds


However, it would be wrong to classify all cats as fur-balls. The hairless cat breeds would oppose vehemently to the vanity of their furry cousins. Although the Sphynx is the commonest breed of hairless cat, there are other members in the family. Essentially, these cats appear nude because they have a very fine hair coat. The hairless cats are also extremely intelligent, and they are amazing house pets. Presented here is an introduction to common hairless breeds so that you can bring one of them to their rightful home.

The aura of the Sphynx

The aura of the Sphynx

The very mention of the Sphynx initiates the visuals of majestic Egypt. The great Cat-human figure, overlooking the pyramids of Giza is the absolute testimony of cat-worship since ancient times. Cats have been living around domestic households for several thousand years. Researchers lately found out that the association of humans and cats began in ancient Neolithic China. The oldest farmers found the cats to be highly potent in killing the mice attacks on food grains. Thus began the association of cats and humans, which continues in full glory in the presence of the Sphynx. They are very active, and unlike other furry breeds, the Sphynx displays high levels of interactivity.

The bald Peterbald

Well, all hairless cats are equally bald, and they do not seem to mind it. There is a Peter amongst them, and he/she represents the Peterbald breed. Originally coming from Russia, the Peterbald has webbed feet, a narrow head, big eyes & ears, and a ratty tail. Taking care of hairless breeds require certain special attention. Since they lack the elaborate fur coat, the cats are overtly sensitive to cold and heat.

peterbald cat breed


During winters, you would find them cuddling in your warm clothes. Make sure that they have a warm bed to rest. During the summer, you need to apply a good pet sunscreen on them. During the summer, do not forget to give your Peterbald a good bath sometimes. Do not overdo the bathing though because all cats hate drenching in water.

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Bring in the elf

Did you ever imagine how an elf would look? Well, you do not have to imagine when you can meet an elf in person. Just find an Elfcat and introduce their magic to your home. Their appearance resembles a tiny elf, and the cats do not leave the things at that. The exceptional intelligence and attention craving of the elf makes it an amazing member of the hairless breeds. Owners report amazing fun times in finding an elf taking care of your happiness.

hairless elf cat

You can also be friends with a hairless cat. They would thank you for that because of the special grooming attention they require. Besides these three major breeds, there are other types of hairless cats. Contact a good online pet portal in finding your friend.